Apple Day: Brewing & Baking Class

We run seasonal baking classes at Get Cooking, Leeds, a beautiful cookery school, in Farsley, just off the Leeds ring road.

We’re really excited about our fantastic Apple Day Brewing & Baking class on Saturday 22nd October  a special one  class on offer this Autumn.  We love apples and so have teamed up with Learn to Brew Uk to dedicate a whole day class to making the best from the abundant local apple harvest this year

Steve from Learn to Brew UK will teach you in a hands on session how to make apple juice, cider and even cider vinegar from local apples You get to take home a demijohn of apple juice  we’ll have pressed plus all the know how and equipment to transform it into 5L of cider.


Apple & Almond Tart

Travelling Tea Lady, Becky will  show you how to make a fantastic apple tart. Then we’ll enjoy eating it as part of  a  gourmet lunch full of apple delights like cream cheese, apple & mint sandwiches, cheddar cheese with home made apple chutney and home made apple cordial.ma311-944



After lunch we’ll all bake a gorgeous Italian Apple cake which you take home with you.  We’ll also have an apple cake and beer tasting afternoon tea before you leave.

If you love apples this is a great baking class for you.  The full day costs £130 which as well as the tuition and 2 meals includes all your brewing equipment ( demijohn, syphon and cider box) And of course your 5 litres of cider and a family sized cake, Book your place at :…/apple-day-brewing-baking/

We pick our apples locally if you have an apple tree and want to use your own apples do bring them along. Becky will tell you how to best store your apples to keep them for eating & baking right through the winter.

We have discount places available for 2 people baking together and returning customers so please email Becky at if you want to take advantage of these

Baking Classes

I ran 3 “Bake the Seasons” taster baking classes at the lovely Get cooking school in Farsley, Leeds and  discovered how much I love teaching other people how to bake. I wanted to focus  on sharing my love of using local, seasonal  produce. Also to inspire people to use what’s growing around them to make some delicious and sometimes unusual cakes or seasonal twists on old favourites

In the first baking class in May, we baked this sensational rhubarb & ginger cake, making our own roasted rhubarb curb for the filling- and getting used to a halogen hob which none of us had used before!

Jigs & son12985337_789539274481436_8172486560782704120_n

Baking class number 2 in  June saw us creating a gorgeous Persian Love cake with rosewater & pistachio. Students learnt how to crystalise their own, locally picked,  rose petals   and used these to decorate their cakes.

AmberAmbers cake

Baking Class number 3 at the end of June was a 2 cake special. Students  chose to bake either: lemon balm drizzle cake using chopped lemon balm from my garden in Guiseley or an Elderflower Drizzle cake using home made elderflower cordial and decorated with fresh flowers picked that day.


P1020474[1]I believe in making classes special and sociable so every class ended with a tea party. We sat down to enjoy the cake I had baked with  tea & home made cordials served on The Travelling Tea Ladies beautiful vintage china . Students then proudly took their cakes home to share with friends and family.

Jigs & Rhea2It was great to have families involved in the classes.  One student’s wife & kids joined in all our tea parties when they came  to pick him up. They even helped out with the icing and washing up in one class. In our second class we had Jenny & Amber, grandmother & grand daughter learning together. This inspired me to offer a family baking class which you can read about in another blog. We plan to keep baking at Get Cooking and offer at least one class each term so keep your eye out and do come and bake with us.

Our next class will be on Saturday 1st October baking with gorgeous autumnal fruits. Details & booking  on from 15th August

And here’s some lovely feedback from one of the students: Alison from Jackdaw Decor who baked the Elderflower drizzle cake and brought us the lovely, personalised cake flags  you see in the lemon balm drizzle cake photo

“Yesterday evening I had the rare treat of attending The Travelling Tea Ladies baking taster course learning how to make elderflower drizzle cake….. what a lovely lesson to take – a really fun group of people, a nice informal teaching style in the very smart setting of Get Cooking, Leeds.
Becky is planning more of these later in the year… I cannot recommend them highly enough – the results taste delicious 🙂 “

What sort of baking would you like to learn?

Family Baking Classes

ErinAfter running 3 successful taster baking classes at the lovely Get Cooking school we’ve decided to hold a family baking class this summer holidays.Jigs & son

I love getting children involved in baking. It’s great to be familiar with a kitchen from an early age and to have some knowledge of where food comes from and what you can do with ingredients.  I learned to bake with my older sister and so want to inspire other families to bake together. It was so lovely to have some family involvement in the first 3 classes we decided to hold a child friendly baking class where kids can learn to cook alongisde mum, dad, brothers,sisters, aunties uncles or grandma’s & grandads!


The first   Family Baking class will be held on Thursday 11th August and  runs from 10 -1pm with lunch included I’m inviting. Families can  come and have fun baking together, getting our kitchen messy instead of yours!
DC002-625Cakes you can bake:
  • Banana & walnut- a deliciously moist loaf banana cake with a vanilla, cream cheese frosting filled with plump raisins & walnuts. It won lots of praise when served at Farsley Festival  even with people who thought they didn’t like banana cake!
  • Banana & Chocolate- similar cake but for chocoholics we substitute the walnuts for chocolate chips & add extra chocolateyness ( raisins can be left out too)
  • Rhubarb & Strawberry- beautifully moist cake bursting with seasonal fruit. A great way to get one of your 5 a day!
We will also sit down to lunch together from design it yourself sandwiches. You and the kids get to choose how you want to fill your own rolls using a range of gourmet & kid friendly fillings. We’ll also have  a range of teas from our vintage china and home made cordials and of course, cake!  You then  leave with your cake to take home.
Jigs & Rhea2
 Booking your place: 
A family ticket costs £75 for up to 3 people ( must include 1 adult). You can bring extra family members along too and just pay for lunch for them.
Book your tickets  from or email me directly at with how many people you’d like to bring.
I look forward to baking with you soon.  I’ll be running another Bake the Seasons class in early Autumn too.
If you can’t make 11th August but would like to organise your own family baking session with friends or maybe for a children’s birthday party get in touch with me or Emily at Get Cooking


Get Baking at Get Cooking!

Baking class3

We  are really excited to have been asked by Get Cooking! to run some baking classes at their new Cookery School in Farsley, Leeds. We are passionate about baking with local, seasonal produce so are really looking forward to sharing our knowledge with people who want to improve their baking skills. we’ll be showing people how to bake with local fruit, herbs and flowers.

We had a great time at the Get Cooking! School Open Day  on 22nd April talking to people about our “Bake the Seasons” taster classes. The cake samples we brought went down really well: Ginger sponge with Rhubarb Curd; Lemon Balm Drizzle cake and Persian Love Cake (Rosewater & Pistachio.)




Our voting system showed Rhubarb & Ginger cake coming top so this is what we’ll be teaching people to bake at our first class on Saturday 21st May 1.30pm-4.30pm.  (don’t worry if you don’t like rhubarb we’ll have other flavour options too!) We’ll even bring along our vintage crockery so everyone can enjoy a slice with a nice cup of tea at the end of the class. You also get to take your own cake home.


Classes cost £45 and places are limited. Book yours by emailing me at or book via the Get Cooking website (after Friday 6th May).

We’ll be holding more  Bake The Seasons classes on  Saturday 18th June 1.30-4.30 pm and on Tuesday 28th June 7pm-9pm.  More baking classes to come too, like some family baking classes. Join our mailing list to get news of future classes.

An Apothecary of Buns: healthy cakes

I believe  healthy  cakes can exist and  be good for wellbeing! I started baking when I was ill myself so I have always been an advocate for the curing power of baking.

lavender biscuits

Lavender biscuits photographed by

I discovered baking with lavender which I love especially as lavender is such a good herb for its calming properties. It  tastes delicious in cakes & biscuits when you get it right. (Tricky as you have to get the right balance  to avoid it being soapy!)

I was  then given Harry Eastwood’s cookbook of natural cakes made with vegetables and discovered a recipe for chamomile cupcakes.

lemon & lavender cupcakes


My idea of “Beck’s Apothecary of Buns” was born (with thanks to Paddy Lund from Krysalis for the title over drinks in the pub!)


I love the idea of a range of cup cakes – or buns as they are called here in Yorkshire- with positive wellbeing qualities: lavender for stress; chamomile for sleep; rosemary & lemon for memory etc.

It stayed as only an idea  until I got together with Jenny from Active Eat who is a qualified Nutritionist. We have started working  together on making healthy cakes. Yes they really can exist! I’m also working with Mina from Msitu Forage & Feast and baking gluten free cakes for her sales page on Facebook Mina’s Gluten Free Posse.  Mina is a wild food expert and very knowledgeable in the healing power of wild plants.

Jen and I used some of Mina’s foraged Lime flowers to create a healthy cake recipe which is  gluten free, low sugar, vegan and still tastes darn good. I have played around with it some more and come up with 2  wellbeing cupcakes which are the start of my Apothecary of Buns range:


Good night’s Sleep Bun: Lime flower with almonds & figs. These gorgeous cupcakes are perfect for a good night’s sleep or just a spot of relaxation. Lime flower & almonds are both good for sending you off to sleep. Figs are an excellent source of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Also soluble fibre which makes them great for including in cakes for diabetics as they help lower blood sugar & the cake contains very very little sugar


Lime flower, Citrus & barberry

De-stress Bun: Lime flower with lemon & barberry. These delicious  cupcakes are great if you are feeling stressed. Limeflower is great for relieving tension & anxiety whilst Barberries help in boosting the body’s immune system. The home made lemon & orange peel & the lemony barberries tone beautifully with the citrus flavour of Mina’s foraged Limeflowers. Also low in sugar, gluten free & vegan so a guilt-free treat

Both currently available though Mina’s Gluten Free Posse on Facebook.


I’ll  be continuing to increase my range of wellbeing cakes and Baking for all diets so if you and your friends or family want a Wellbeing Tea Party you really can have your cake and eat it!

What other cakes that do you good would you like to see ?

Tea and Cake for Mothers Day

The History of cake giving on Mothering SundayCake stand variety

It’s Mothers day next Sunday so those of us who still have our mum’s with us will be treating them, or maybe as a mother you’ll expect to be treated yourself. What could be a nicer treat than  afternoon tea with your loved ones?




Mothering Sunday , the more traditional name, always falls  on the  4th Sunday of the Christian Season of Lent. This  mid-lent Sunday was when people went back to their home or “mother”,  churches to celebrate mass and the Lenten restrictions were lifted. A good thing for you to know if you’ve given up sweet treats this Lent!



Bmanchester t partyy the 17th century, Mothering Sunday had become a well established religious custom in Britain. Wealthy households would send their servants home on that day to visit their mothers.


It was customary simnel cake- mum'sfor children to bring their mothers a gift of a ‘mothering cake’, which later became known as the Easter Simnel Cake. Here’s my mother’s Simnel cake , we always have one at Easter.

If you want to treat your mother to tea and cake but you or she can’t face the crowds next Sunday why not get us to bring afternoon tea to you. For £15 a head we can provide you with a full afternoon tea of cakes, savouries and scones, beautiful crockery, cutlery and table linen which we can deliver to your house and set up. You can then enjoy a delightful afternoon tea with your mum and  you don’t even have to do the washing up!

We just ask you to clear away any uneaten food, pack up the dirty crockery and we’ll be back to pick it all up when convenient.

Chris & Benda

Perfect for older mums who may be too frail to cope with a busy restaurant or tearoom.

Vegetarian baking

National Vegetarian week has inspired us to  think a lot about how veggie friendly we are as bakers and caterers and  we’d like to share this with you.

Beetroot and chard quiches

Beetroot and chard quiches

We’re both interested in vegetarian food. Lynne is a committed veggie and Becky is a pescatarian with occasional lapses!  For us veggie food can be the star of the show not just an afterthought. Especially when using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients which we pride ourselves in doing. We don’t advertise ourselves as vegetarian caterers but veggie guests are always delighted with what we usually have on offer. Lunch, dinner or afternoon tea menus will often include seasonal veggie quiches such as: wild garlic and mushroom; spinach and feta; beetroot and goat’s cheese. We also do a fabulous frittata with eggs, potatoes, onions and home grown herbs or seasonal veggies such as rainbow chard or french beans.

range of savoury cakes

savoury cakes- ok some have smoked salmon on but most are veggie!

We do like to be as adventurous as  our clients desire and do a splendid  range  of savoury cakes such as our:  fig, walnut and goats cheese loaf  cake; cheese and herb muffins and  olive and pesto cup cakes. We love  foraging and make our own wild garlic  pesto when it’s wild garlic season  (just coming to an end now).

Vegan Rhubarb cake

Vegan Rhubarb cake


We cater for vegans too. We’ve  branched out into vegan baking  too with cakes like  vegan brownies, vegan rhubarb cake, vegan fruit cake and vegan blackberry & apple cake


We  are concerned about animal welfare and whilst we do serve meat when  people want it we buy it  from local butchers so we know it has come from local farms and how the animals have been reared.

We buy all our eggs from local farms where we know the hens are able to roam around and do natural hen like things: running, flapping,clucking,scratching and pecking and haven’t just been kept in Barns with sides that lift up during the day: unfortunately that’s the case for a lot of eggs labelled “free range”. One of our suppliers is The Rainbow Egg Company a 4.5 acre family run poultry farm in Oxenhope in beautiful Bronte country.

cowsWe’ve committed ourselves to buying all our milk and cream from a local dairy. Our  supplier is Fieldhead Farm near Keighley so we know that the cows our milk comes from have been outside grazing in fields around Skipton, Keighley and Baildon and it comes straight to our door when we need it.  It’s more expensive than supermarket  milk but tastes better and we’re much happier that we know it’s not come from zero grazing farms with cows kept inside all year long. See the Compassion in farming website for more information and to watch cows happy to get out into spring pasture.

So if you love local seasonal food and care about animals we are the caterers for you!






Book-inspired Tea Parties

The Guardian recently asked: what are the best cakes based on children’s books?

We love reading so were really pleased to  provide a book-inspired pop-up tearoom for Ossett’s “Festival in a Day”, as  part of Wakefield’s Literature Festival. Many of our menu items came from much-loved children’s books, such as Mrs Rabbit’s Blackberry Buns and Chamomile Tea (from Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit). We love books, tea and cakes, so this was a great opportunity to put the two together.

Please click here to view our book inspired menu. Don’t forget to scroll down to the second page to see our cakes and quotes!


We could do a book-inspired tea room for any book lovers, young and old. This would be ideal for a birthday party, for instance . We know many children (and grown-ups!) who would love Mad Hatter cupcakes or Harry Potter’s favourite, Treacle Tart.

Mad Hatter cupcakes for a book themed tea party We even had Alice serving at our book themed tea party

Corporate Events.

Pop-up Tea room at Deloitte Leeds Office ! City Square

Pop-up Tea room at Deloitte Leeds Office, 1 City Square. We transformed their conference room into a pop-up tearoom for the afternoon in October

Tea and cake delivered!

Tea and cake delivered! Covering reception shouldn’t mean missing out


Having a treat for staff and also raising money for their favourite charity St Gemma’s Hospice