Season Well Social Enterprise

It’s Social Saturday, a day for promoting Social Enterprises so I thought I’d tell you all about my new Social Enterprise, Season Well. Our aim is to inspire and enable people to use more local, seasonal food to create great tasting healthy meals  and preserve our planet and soil.

I set up the Travelling Tea Ladies 5 years ago. Then 4 years ago left my job in Community Engagement saying “ I’ve had enough of trying to make a difference…..I just want to make cake!”

Vegan Rhubarb cake

I am a self taught baker who believes strongly in using fresh, local, seasonal produce in my baking. I became a food grower in my search for great produce to bake with.  I set up a  small community project growing food on unused land- Incredible Edible Aireborough– and my passion for making a difference and changing the world came back.

It’s critical that we look after our environment. It seems a no brainer that if we can do this whilst eating the best tasting food (everything tastes better when it’s in season) then we should do this. However what used to be such a fundamental skill- growing and cooking food – has become lost in our society. I want to bring those skills back to improve our health well being and the environment . I believe that everyone can cook and grow their own food and I want to inspire people to have a go.

Please head over to our Facebook page to keep up with Season Well as it develops. I’ll be posting up there any workshops we have coming up and how to get involved. Soon we’ll have a new website with seasonal recipes and growing tips so we can inspire you to eat more seasonally for flavour, health and sustainability.

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