Wild Greens

Spring is finally here and for us that means wild greens like wild garlic, garlic mustard, dandelion leaves, nettles  and many more.


If, like us, you are trying to eat and bake with the seasons  then you breathe a sigh of relief when the “hungry months” of Jan and Feb are over and fresh, local produce is available again. The arrival of  beautiful pink forced rhubarb in the shops (and a bit later on our allotment) is our first joy.



Then in March  it’s wild garlic time. Oh how we love it’s pungent smell and taste. Both in the woods and in our baking. Spring has been late arriving this year but now it’s begun with gusto. We’ve been out foraging a couple of weeks ago and have turned a bag of freshly picked wild garlic leaves into jars of yummy wild garlic pesto. We use almonds, pumpkin seeds, pecorino cheese and good olive oil. and you can use our recipe to have a go yourself Wild garlic pesto

This year Travelling Tea Lady Becky has experimented with making wild garlic pesto soda bread and it’s delicious.Becky is setting up a new social enterprise called Season Well to work alongside the Travelling Tea Ladies. It’s aim is to get more people cooking and eating seasonal produce and even growing some of their own fruit , herbs and vegetables. You can find more about it on her website and Facebook page.

She runs seasonal cooking lessons and last week her class made wild garlic pesto soda bread with wilted spinach and local duck eggs- yummy.

If you want to get baking a quick and easy bread with a wild greens twist try out the Season Well recipe.Wild garlic pesto soda bread

Oh and if you want to go down to the woods and pick your own wild garlic check out our Facebook page for a quick guide.

What’s your favourite way to eat wild greens?

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