Christmas Baking with a difference

It’s spiced-window-biscuitbeginning to smell a lot like Christmas at Tea Lady Towers (well terrace really) as my Christmas baking gets underway.

I love Christmas baking. Love all the spices and dried fruit and of course the traditions. I’ve got my own tradition now of baking Christmas biscuits to decorate my tree. I usually make these and  home made sweets as gifts for my family.


I do like a mince pie too and this year I’ve been experimental with my mincemeats. I’ve made quince meat with roasted quince taking the place of the more traditional apple and some gorgeous Polish quince vodka in place of brandy. If you think that’s unusual then you’ll be amazed by …….wait for it…………..Green Tomato Mincemeat!!



I was musing on Facebook about what to do with the large amount of green tomatoes we’d harvested from the local community garden where I volunteer (Incredible Edible Aireborough). Local gardening business, Leaf Cutters, suggested mincemeat and even supplied me with a recipe from an old apple cook book they have. It’s so easy to share recipes now we all have smartphones. Just 1 or 2 photos; a Whatsap message and away you go!

Well I do love a challenge so of course I made tgreen-tomatoeshe mincemeat. I even filmed myself doing so on Facebook Live! It’s  an alcohol free recipe, made with cider vinegar, so good for anyone who is opposed to alcohol. And , guess what…..It’s delicious!! It’s simmered for 2 hours so the green tomatoes cook down to a  toffee like consistency.

I tested both out on the good folk of Guiseley last weekend. I had a tea & cake stall at our local Christmas market and everyone who was adventurous enough to try them was amazed. Yes we did have more traditional mince pies too!


I’m teaching my first Christmas Baking Class this year at Get Cooking! Leeds on Saturday 3rd December.  I shall be teaching people how to make a last minute Christmas cake using mincemeat. It’s based on a Delia Smith recipe but I’m using a Mary Berry mincemeat recipe as it’s a lot quicker than Deila’s. Of course I put my own twist on both recipes. For those of us who have missed out on Stir-up Sunday this really does make a very nice, moist  and quick Christmas cake.

I will of course be showing people how to make mince pies and they get to taste all 3 mincemeats and see which they like the best.

If you want to see more of my recipes and video demonstrations do follow my Facebook page and if you want to hear more about my baking classes, fill in my contact form to  join my mailing list

So what are you baking for Christmas? Do you have any favourite or unusual recipes you’d like to share?



  1. Hi Becky,

    Wow you’ve had a busy time. Hope your event on the 3rd went well and congrats on your Facebook Live. Something I need to master in 2017. I can smell the Christmas food from here!

    Yum Yum.


  2. Hi Beth & Happy New Year Thanks for your comment. Still eating the Christmas baking- just 2 slices of cake left!
    Yes Facebook Live for 2017 is a good goal. I still need to remember to get mine the right way up!

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