Tea and Cake for Mothers Day

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It’s Mothers day next Sunday so those of us who still have our mum’s with us will be treating them, or maybe as a mother you’ll expect to be treated yourself. What could be a nicer treat than  afternoon tea with your loved ones?




Mothering Sunday , the more traditional name, always falls  on the  4th Sunday of the Christian Season of Lent. This  mid-lent Sunday was when people went back to their home or “mother”,  churches to celebrate mass and the Lenten restrictions were lifted. A good thing for you to know if you’ve given up sweet treats this Lent!



Bmanchester t partyy the 17th century, Mothering Sunday had become a well established religious custom in Britain. Wealthy households would send their servants home on that day to visit their mothers.


It was customary simnel cake- mum'sfor children to bring their mothers a gift of a ‘mothering cake’, which later became known as the Easter Simnel Cake. Here’s my mother’s Simnel cake , we always have one at Easter.

If you want to treat your mother to tea and cake but you or she can’t face the crowds next Sunday why not get us to bring afternoon tea to you. For £15 a head we can provide you with a full afternoon tea of cakes, savouries and scones, beautiful crockery, cutlery and table linen which we can deliver to your house and set up. You can then enjoy a delightful afternoon tea with your mum and  you don’t even have to do the washing up!

We just ask you to clear away any uneaten food, pack up the dirty crockery and we’ll be back to pick it all up when convenient.

Chris & Benda

Perfect for older mums who may be too frail to cope with a busy restaurant or tearoom.

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